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Mui Ne Backpacker Village is located in Binh Thuan, a coastal

province that is located northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. It is

known for its lovely landscapes and nearly 200km of coastline

which makes up some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

Many people who have traveled to Vietnam have seen its big bustling

city streets, its crowded marketplaces, its tropical rainforest, battle

sites and a few other landmarks. However, only a few travelers know

that Vietnam has a small desert area along the southern coastline in the Province of Binh Thuan. 

 The very few tourists who make it to this region find endless miles of empty beaches, ruins of ancient towers, immense sand dunes, mountain pagodas, religious temples, shrines and royal tombs.

 Across this great province, there are forests and mountains that stretch out from east to west with some of their slopes reaching the ocean. There’s a huge rugged beauty about the place with its thick forest, spectacular rocks, the shallow and sloped white beaches with clean blue water. This area is referred to as Vietnam´s “Blue sea – yellow sun – white sand” region. 

 The climate is tropical with hot and dry weather and only 25% humidity during most of the year making southern Binh Thuan the driest region in Vietnam. Agriculture in this region is almost nonexistent, since few crops can grow on this arid land. However, the far northern half of Binh Thuan has a nature reserve with a tropical bamboo rainforest and rare animals like the large antlered Muntjac (a species unknown until 1994), sun Bears and yellow-cheeked Gibbons.

About Binh Thuan Province

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